Welcome to my world

Thanks for visiting my web space. I’m typically going in so many directions that I don’t have time to create content for this site. However, I can offer some odds and ends that would otherwise be spinning cold and lonely in the black void of my hard drive. Feel free to look around. — Greg Raven

Menu selections for Thursday

Private Dining Room

First Courses

Hot terrine of striped bass with tarragon

— or —

Pan-fried Maryland lump crab cakes with a corn and cactus relish

— or —

Terrine of Columbia River sturgeon with black noodles and forest mushrooms


Salad of mixed California greens with citrus vinaigrette

— or —

Hearts of romaine in a classic Cæsar dressing with parmesan cheese and croûtons

— or —

A wedge of crisp Salinas iceberg lettuce with Maytag blue cheese

Main Courses

Aged New York strip steak, with potatoes scalloped with garlics and cream

— or —

Pan-fried Boston schrod haddock with a gratin of mushrooms, leaf spinach, and cream

— or —

Grilled breast of chicken with a sour green chutney saffron pilaf and grilled eggplant

— or —

Grilled saddle of rabbit with pinot noir and roasted shallots, and thin egg noodles with butter and parsley


Frozen raspberry terrine

— or —

Hot Grand Marnier soufflé

Service begins promptly at 5:30